Sunday, July 25, 2004

Likker in Iraq?!

CBFTW does a double-take in Mosul.

We had a patrol bright and early this morning. It was in a neighborhood way the fuck out there, on the other side of the river. It was a nice change of scenery for us, we've never been to this neighborhood before. New things to look at. I noticed something bizarre about this neighborhood though, the women in our AO usually wear the traditional dresses with a scarves around their heads, and they hardly ever make eye contact with you, when they walk they usually look straight down. In this neck of the woods, a majority of the women wore no headgear, and wore T-shirts and summer pants and sandals. These women were extremely friendly, almost too friendly, and they'd all smile and wave like crazy at us. Weird. Then I noticed a small little liquor store on a street corner. (!!!!) I've NEVER seen a liquor store here in Iraq before, ever. The outside of the shop had several beer advertisements of European brands I've never heard of. I had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. The shop owner in the store saw my facial expression and wide eyed reaction at the sight of a liquor store and he chuckled at me. I haven't seen or steped in a liquor store or had a drink in 9 months. Damn. Anyways, it seems like every street in Mosul that has shops, usually has a store that sells tombstones. I guess there's a high death rate here, the cemeteries here are huge, so the demand for tombstones must be high. Well anyways, a couple shops away from the liquor store was a small shop that sells tombstones, on a couple of the tombstones outside the shop was a bright red engraving of a Christain cross. Then I pieced it all together and I realized that we were in a Christain part of Mosul. I've heard about this place, but we've never been here.


Have terrorists been practicing dry-runs on airlines recently?

Moments later, the last man came out of the bathroom. As he passed the man in the yellow T-shirt, Mrs Jacobsen saw him draw his finger across his throat and mouth the word "no".

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