Friday, July 09, 2004

Has Riverbend Hoisted the White Flag?

In the last 39 days Riverbend has blogged exactly ONCE, on June 18.

Not one PEEP since the June 30 (oh sneaky 28) handover.

Has the Doleful Dame of Baghdad grown weary of life in the New Iraq?

Has the Doleful Dame turned away from the enthusiasm shown by the other Iraqi Bloggers?

Is she just suffering from blogger's burnout?

Has she joined the Jarrars at their condo in Amman, Jordan?

Has she gone on a hunger strike until Papa Saddam's return?


Has Raed decided to don the black pajamas and hoist the family AK?

Has Raed decided to dance and hoist the AK in a tribal dance?

Has Raed decided to join Muqtada Al-Sadr's 7-million-man army?

Does Raed talk to Salam and "G" anymore?

Why in God's name do the Jarrars still display a picture of Dr. Death (panel 10) on their family-business website?


MOORE-ON WATCH: James Lileks whups Michael Moore upside the head. Folks, it ain't pretty.


THE YOSEMITE SAM OF THE IRAQI BLOGOSPHERE: I have always enjoyed reading Sam over at Hammorabi because he is a bit of a hot-head like me. This is free speech at its white-hot best and I absolutely dig it.

Mr Alawi use your Emergency Law on Sammara Immediately

There is no need to think twice and no worse than the thugs of Sammara. The EL starts here in Sammara. Curfew! Military roles! No walk from 6 PM to 6 AM! Any one violates the law expose himself to shooting on site! Just do it now today before tomorrow. Show the outlawed that the law have to be respected. Get it now! Sammara is now outlawed! Will you accept or use your power?! The thugs challenged the law. Let us see!

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