Thursday, July 22, 2004

Gloria Arroyo: "This is how a leader squirms!"

Before being killed by terrorists, Fabrizio Quattrocchi struggled to pull the hood off his head and defiantly yelled at his captors, "This is how an Italian dies!"

The other three Italian hostages were rescued by Coalition forces. There were NO negotiations.

Italian hostages return home: Last week, a U.S.-led coalition in Iraq rescued three Italian hostages - Salvatore Stefio, Umberto Cupertino and Maurizio Agliana - who since April 12 had been held captive by terrorists calling themselves the Green Brigade. When the Italians returned home, they said they had joked with one another to ease the tension and quell their fears. Although they told reporters they had not been physically abused, their lives were constantly threatened. Only after the rescue did the former hostages discover that their captors had murdered their friend, a fourth hostage Fabrizio Quattrocchi. Just before the terrorists shot and killed Quattrocchi, he tried to pull off his hood and yelled, "This is how an Italian dies." He was buried in his home city of Genoa on May 29. Dying with dignity - and honor - is brave.

Then we have Gloria Arroyo: "THIS IS HOW A LEADER SQUIRMS!" With her negotiation and then capitulation to terrorists, she has put all those from other countries helping the Iraqis in danger. As expected, the terrorists immediately rounded up six more, thinking of the great success they had with Gloria Arroyo.

Gloria Arroyo is a disgrace.


Belmont Club has several new blogs on Arroyo's *ss-licking of the terrorists. Check it out.


Some of the best commenting on Arroyo and the Philippines situation is happening over at Sam's Hammorabi.


HAD TO INCLUDE THIS: Dilnareen on the comments pages over at Kurdo's World quips:

By the way iraq beat turkmenistan today as well. They seem to be playing pretty well, i guess they play better without the extra torturing thrown in.


Check out Belgravia Dispatch's Postcard from Basra

Imagine a New York City precinct station on any number of the TV series that dominated the airwaves through the seventies and eighties but seem to have gone out of fashion after “Law & Order,” and you begin to get the feel of Basra City Hall. You just have to substitute the crew of extras with bearded men shouldering or otherwise fondling Kalshnikovs, through in a touch on 19th Century Tammany Hall and adapt wardrobe accordingly and quadruple the cast to get the full picture. City Hall is the center of action here, because this is where business is done, and all types come to be heard. On a city map laid over the council chairman’s conference table, there are a series of busy dots and lines indicating the aerial view of Iraq’s second largest city. On the other side of the river, though, the view is blank because it is Iran.

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