Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Firas: Iraqis are busy!

Firas over at Iraq & Iraqis is just one example of an Iraqi whose energies have been released to build a good future for his family and Iraq.

Since I have started bloging, and its nine months now I have never stopped for this long period . Three or four site visitors e-mailed me asking if there is any thing wrong. Well there is nothing wrong, actually every thing is fine here, except I have lost two assistants at the same day (one of them got married and her husband is taking her out of Iraq the other one found her self another job with triple of what she used to get with us), happy things as you can see. I had to take over of what they used to do and find my self another assistant to train and teach, and that’s not easy in a country where anybody with a little determination can find a job with a good salary. I even got the idea that I can do good business and make good money if I opened a school with three months course of English language, Accounting and Computer. These are whats most needed these days here.

Doing alone what three people used to do is what took from me most of my time and kept me away from writing something to post. But I was dieing to post something from time to time and when I start to write I hear my boss calling or my phone ringing or my alarm timer buzzing for a meeting or some problem needs to be solved. But when you love your work and the pay is good you can never stop, especially when you know there are thousands of people are doing the same to build the country by building a small part of it ............Themselves.

What do the terrorists, jihadists, and Baathists offer to Iraqis? The terrorists offer total destruction of Iraq and the creation of a populace afraid of stepping outside their homes. The jihadists offer total destruction and chaos and then a theocracy under Sharia law. The Baathists offer total destruction and chaos and then a return of the Whole Sick Crew and the resumption of mass graves and palace-building projects and Uday torturing Iraqi athletes.

What do you think? Any of these offers sound good to the Iraqis?


Hoshyar Zebari has been my personal hero for a long time now. Remember when he went to the UN and told Kofi Annan TO HIS FACE in front of everyone that he and his organization had abondoned the Iraqi people? That was a great moment, watching Kofi Annan sitting there and looking like he had a canary in his mouth.

Now Hoshyar Zebari has Al-Jazeera and the other Al-Qaeda mouthpieces in his sights.

DUBAI—Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari accused regional satellite channels of inciting violence and hinted Iraq might stop Al-Jazeera operating in the country.

"Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Al-Manar and Al-Alam have all become channels of incitement and opposed to the interests, security and stability of the Iraqi people," Zebari told Al-Jazeera television yesterday.

He said there was "strong talk from some Iraqi government officials about closing Al-Jazeera." Al-Manar is owned by Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah, Al-Alam is Iran's Arabic-language television channel and Dubai-based Al-Arabiya is mostly Saudi-owned.

Can you imagine if one of the major networks here played any and all kidnapping tapes and simply became the part of the propaganda wing of Al-Qaeda? Every day Al-Jazeera grabs any tape dropped in their mail slot and runs it non-stop and bracketed by incendiary commentary. If Al-Jazeera is kicked out of Iraq, my guess is that the country will immediately become much safer.

Any thoughts?

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