Friday, July 09, 2004

Faiza Jarrar Spits on America and Americans

This is too much. Faiza Jarrar reads up on American history and this is her conclusion:

I just want you to feel my astonishment at how many wars that country has fought? Only one of them being a liberation war, and another internal civil war….the others against neighbors, near or far…and for what??? For supremacy, and more wealth, as if they are cursed somehow…do not feel satisfied…keep on fighting and destroying continuously…you will never know peace or satisfaction….

A depressing, sad history…to me, and I am not an American…

Only ONE war a liberation war?!!! She's referring here the the War of Independence? How in the hell does she view World War I and II as acts of American aggression against "neighbors"??!!

Faiza rambles on, spitting right in our faces.

Where does the problem lay? In the government or in the people?
Either it is a vicious people like its leadership, or ignorant, or a drugged people, by way of slobbering after daily bread and more material gains…while the government is convincing him that all this was accomplished by (the sacrifices) of the American people and its patience…because it is a peace and liberty loving people…

Screw Faiza. I can't tell you how pissed off I am at her constant irrational bitching.

Read the whole entry. It just gets worse. This stupid *ss can go to hell.


READING ROOM: Victor Davis Hanson on Saddam's arraignment and the Moore-ons at Radio City last night.


Saddam's single American lawyer, Curtis F.J. Doebbler, has a few words for our troops.

The world's most powerful army is an army of cowards. They are soldiers who are willing to risk the lives of innocent civilians to protect their own. I don't know about my fellow Americans, but I don't feel very much protected by such cowards.

Thanks Curtis for standing up and defending what and whom you believe in!


YOU TALKING HEAT? AYS has complained about the heat in Iraq and now Michael J. Totten reports from the town of Rouz in the southern desert of Tunisia.

The heat in July is infernal – 120 degrees in morning shade. If you don’t wear a turban, a hijab, or a hat the sun will cook your brain. If you have no water the sun can kill in 12 hours. The desert is also a road killer, breaking the pavement to pieces and burying it in sheets of blowing sand.

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