Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Death in Baquba

My sympathies go out immediately to all those innocents killed and their families and my anger and utter hatred is focused on the terrorists and jihadists and Baathists and ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THEM. Today's carnage:

The latest attack was the worst since the 28 June transfer of power, and the bloodiest since a blast in the holy city of Najaf last August killed more than 80 people.

Among those killed in Wednesday's car bombing were 21 people travelling in a minibus, a health ministry official said.

"I saw a car overtake a minibus and it slammed right into the queue of people," said Riad Abdul Latif, an internal affairs officer at the police station, who was 100m away when the bomb went off.

Police said young men had come to the police station to join the force. Because of the number of applicants, some had to queue outside.

After the blast, police put the dead and wounded in the back of pick-up trucks and drove them to hospital.

Men used hoses to douse the burning wreckage at the scene. Several bodies were also on fire amid the debris in what correspondents said were horrific scenes.

"God bless them, what have they done?" shouted one man.

I can feel Sam of Hammorabi's anger all the way here in New York.


I have been reading the Al-Jazeera English-language website daily for half a year and I have yet to read ONE positive article about Iraq.

On yesterday's comments pages we started a dialogue about what to do with what has truly become the propaganda arm of Al-Qaeda.

Any thoughts?


Mohammed at Iraq the Model looks at Buquba and places it in a larger context.

Can you answer the question what will be the response of Iraqis towards these horrible attacks? I’ll help you; These victims came to volunteer to serve their country as IP members and this is not the 1st time this happens and the response of Iraqis to such attacks was always more volunteers and longer lines. What does that tell you Philippine and Spanish government? If this is bravery and wisdom, then how should your actions be labeled? Maybe it’s not your business? That would’ve been a more honest answer had you said it, but you’re not just cowards or stupid, you’re also hypocrites. This include all the "anti-war" crowd with all the clowns there such as Michael Moore and George Galloway and their likes. You make me SICK when you support the "Iraqi resistance" and call these killers a revolutionists. Did you watch your "resistance" today? This is what you support and this is how history will view you; supporters of murderers and criminals, and for what? Fame and money! Enjoy it. It won’t last, as the truth will soon be revealed and you'll be exposed to all as the disgusting parasites you are.

I doubt that we can forgive you all for your cowardice, stupidity and hypocracy just as we’ll never forget the sacrifices and the help of the Americans, Australians, British, Italians, Japanese and all the other coalition members.

Hey, Michael Moore, why not talk to Mohammed?


Stop by Sam's Hammorabi (like opening the door on a blast furnace, the flames licking your nose). Sam urges the government to root out spies within their security system.

We may write anything about today's suicidal attack in Baqoba north east Baghdad in which at least 70 Iraqi volunteers to join the police force were killed and more injured. We could say that the attackers are bastards, sons of bitches, dirty cockroaches, catamites, filthy, unclean, cowards, devils, barbaric alien killers, flesh eating zombies, blood sucking vampires and so!
We may say all that but the most important thing and very obvious is the same attack under exactly similar circumstances happened at least twice before in Baghdad alone! Therefore there is more than one weakness in the security system. More than that there are obvious penetration in the systems of the Iraqi security and government!

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