Thursday, July 29, 2004

Big Pharaoh and His Neighborhood

Big Pharaoh looks around the neighborhood and has a few suggestions.

Now we turn to Qatar. This tiny country loves to wear oversized shoes. It hosts the US' largest military base in the region and competes with Saudi Arabia in who will have better relations with Washington. However, the Qatari government finances Al Jazerah channel that has mutual beneficiary relationships with Al Qaeda and had a direct link with Saddam's intelligence. The channel employs some of the most radical figures in the Arab media and never ceases to spill out the most awful anti-America propaganda. This channel incites violence in Iraq and indirectly caused the death of hundreds of coalition forces and Iraqis. A recent Saudi Arabian hostage who was kidnapped in Iraq and released after a US raid on the terrorist hideout filed a law suit against Al Jazerah accusing the Qatari channel of directly collaborating with his kidnappers. What was the US' response? A few harsh words from Colin Powell to his Qatari counterpart that did absolutely nothing to change Al Jazerah's propaganda. Does the Emir of Qatar have influence on the channel? Sure he does (he's its money pipeline!). Al Jazerah is allowed to fiddle and mess with any Arab country except Qatar. If Colin Powell really wants to influence Qatar, he could simply pick up the phone and call the Qatari foreign minister and frankly tell him "dude, if you're not going to fix that out, we're out of Qatar". The Emire of Qatar will simply pee in his pants and might do a little bit of change to his mouth of horror. Has the US made that phone call? No.


Let's join CBFTW on a raid in Iraq.

I never take uppers like caffeine pills, Hydroxycuts, Ripped Fuels, Red Bulls, or any of that heart attack crap before a Raid, because as soon as you show up to the target house and that ramp drops and you dismount from the back of the vehicle, your heart is going a thousand Rpm's and your wide awake from the adrenaline. You have no idea what the hell your about to get yourself into or what lies ahead, how chaotic its going to be, if the house is booby trapped, how many people are armed in the house, how hostile the situation is going to be, if the target individual is in the house or even if your going to enter the right fucking house. You know absolutely nothing about what you might face.


FOR LOCAL CONSUMPTION ONLY: Check out this 14-minute documentary on John Kerry's flip-flops on Saddam Hussein and Iraq over the last few years. It's a very well-done piece and Kerry comes off as a damned phony.

A very good commentary on the ultra-bizarre narcissistic speech given by Ms. Heinz.

Leave aside the weirdness of having the wife of a candidate give a major speech two days before he accepts the nomination. We’ll return to that subject shortly. She is a strange person, and the mysterious and off-putting nature of her eccentricity was heightened by her performance before the mildly cheering crowd at the Fleet center.

She began by leaning out from behind the backdrop, seeming to peek at the audience as the cameras focused on her entrance. Slightly bent over, she walked out with her hand over her heart, then patting her heart, as if to reassure herself that her big moment was actually happening, and that she would be just fine. Blowing kisses to the applauding audience, she embraced her son Christopher, stepson to the presumptive Presidential nominee, who had declared his love for her in his introduction of her.

She was dressed in a near-ketchup red suit. The crowd waved ketchup red placards with “We love TERESA!” printed in big white letters. What is the message in this choice of colors? That her fortune is based on a tomato-derived sauce? That she is hoping to relate better to red state voters? That she is nostalgic for communism?

Acknowledging the applause, and maybe the signs, her first words were, “Thank-you. Thank-you. I love you, too.” Nothing about how honored she is to be addressing the convention and the nation. Just an acknowledgement of the assumed love for HER. Though the crowd had already stopped cheering and applauding, she gestured with her hands to quiet them, as if her body were programmed in advance to do so. The hands lingered a few moments too long, hanging there in front of her while the audience was silent.

Read the whole article. It's very good.


Michael J. Totten on Michael Moore's "Minutemen."

Meet the new Iraqi fascism. Same as the old Iraqi fascism.

70 civilians who were going about their day were torn to pieces on the streets of Baghdad today by Michael Moore’s heroes of the so-called Iraqi “resistance.”

He described them this way:

The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow—and they will win.

I know very well what Moore means when he writes the word REVOLUTION. It's not, you know, a bad thing, especially since he explicitly compares the jihad to the American Revolution. "Minutemen," my foot. I think Mr. Mike is actually more revolting to me than even Ann Coulter – an impressive feat if that’s what you’re aiming for.

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