Sunday, June 13, 2004

Who Ya Gonna Call?

AYS at Iraq at a Glance has an interesting story from Baghdad. Street peddlers were blocking streets and disrupting traffic in one particular neighborhood of Baghdad. The IP asked them to move. They refused. Once. Twice. Then the IP used its new training it had received from the Coalition forces.

The IP called other IP force with their 4WD Patrol cars, and others, and others... blocked all the streets to this neighborhood, got their guns and rifles... “ I didn’t see the IP in such an organized and smart moves, they have distributed here and there, taking positions of clashing making all the people astonished and surprised because of the excellent training of the IP members ... they looked like the Americans...everyone said that” my brother said....

The peddlers were sooooo frightened and surrendered at once..!!!
They are training in a very good way, the coalition’s experience is so important and very useful when they learned our IP the basic techniques that must be used in such cases..
In addition to the courses in Jordan teaching the IP the skills necessary to do their job.
All the people were pleased and happy when the IP members controlled the situation in such a clever and fast way.. Surely, they returned back home and felt that they’ve got a strong IP.

Well done..

UPDATE: Something VERY, VERY STRANGE is going on over at The Land of Karda. I could be wrong, but it seems as if this Karda is both DEADLY SERIOUS and SERIOUSLY FUNNY at the same time. You must visit the Land of Karda. Here Karda pastes a question and answer she attributes to Al-Sistani's website (Karda calls the grand mullah "El-Insane") and then she offers her own reply (hold it, is Karda a man or a woman -- Man, I'm confused!). Anyway, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's KARDA!

Question: Is anal intercourse permissible.

Answer: Anal intercourse is permissible if wife is consenting but it is strongly undesirable (makrooh).

Karda: And SM, is that allowed too?

Here Karda wrestles with Sistani's beard!

El-Sistani, actually El-Insane, have send a letter to G. Bush couples of days ago and asked him to forget about the Fedral-system in Iraq or otherwise he will use his beard!

G Bush, actually the dumbest USA president ever, was afraid of his look and when he visited he was scared even more and G. Bush said then right and loud “I will do what ever you want el-Insane, just don’t be mad and don’t use your 3 meter long beard!

Ha ha! I have to repeat that:

he was scared even more and G. Bush said then right and loud “I will do what ever you want el-Insane, just don’t be mad and don’t use your 3 meter long beard!

I have no idea who Karda is, but she's on our sidebar and I'll be stopping in at the Amazing Karnak -- oops -- I mean the Amazing Karda's blog tomorrow for sure.

ANOTHER JEFFREY HOLMES MYSTERY: Watson informed me this evening that some of the posters with the Iraqi Bloggers were puzzled over the sexual identity of a new blogger from the northern area of Iraq known as Kurdistan. Watson handed me a printout from the original weblog by Kurdo in which he introduced the new blogger from the region:

Ladies and Gentlement, I would like to announce the arrival of a new blogger from Kurdistan to the World of Blogs. Karda has posted his first message today. His/her blog is called "Land of Karda", a term which was first used by the Sumerians approx 3000-4000 B.C to describe the lands where Kurds where used to live (today's Kurdistan)

Watson caught my eye and I could see the tension on his face. He said, "What in God's name does he mean by saying, 'His/her blog'?"

I raised my eyebrows, tamped the tobacco down in my pipe, and struck another match before I replied, "Watson, let's begin with a stylistic analysis of Karda's prose. I believe the answer to sexual identity lies before our eyes."

Watson grinned, pleased once again to know that there was indeed an answer in sight if we applied enough thought to it, and then turned to start running our textual-analysis program, the one that had solved many of our previous cases.


The Site Meter is rocking from all the LGFers checking out Iraqi Bloggers Central because of a letter from Lisa from New York. Thanks for stopping by. Make yourselves at home. This is a half-serious/half-humorous look at Iraq and the Iraqi Bloggers.

Lisa, your letter has become a BIG HIT in the blogoshere. Sarah D., another LGFer, included a letter from Ambassador Fayrouz in which a link to your letter had been added. All last night and this morning LGFers have been coming over to read your letter to Faiza. Thanks again for letting me feature it here at Iraqi Bloggers Central.

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