Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Saving Private Jarrar

Khalid Jarrar posted a full blog two days ago, updating us from the frontlines of Exam Week Hell in Baghdad.

Commando-Professor: JaRRAR!

Private Jarrar: (ramrod straight with salute) YessssSIR!

Commando-Professor: JaRRAR, you think you can pass my THERMO TEST?!

Private Jarrar: YesssSIR!

Commando-Professor: (two beats) You think you can pass … MY thermo test??!! You think you’re smarter than ME?!!

Private Jarrar: (sweating now) NossssSIR!

Commando-Professor: Your brother Raed’s a PANSY, you know that, right?

Private Jarrar: YesssSIR!

Commando-Professor: Tell him to watch out for that EYE-RANIAN CHICK. She’s got him by the CAJONES.

Private Jarrar: YesssSIR!

Commando-Professor: (hands exam to Khalid) You see that treeline?

Private Jarrar: YesssSIR!

Commando-Professor: I’ll give you 30 seconds to get to the treeline. Starting NOW!!

Private Jarrar starts sprinting for the treeline with exam in hand.

Commando-Professor: (turns to his assistant) Gunner. Lay down a line of fire at Jarrar’s feet. Let’s watch the little bugger leap. He he.

UPDATE: Kurdo writes today about the Kurdish response to the recent formation of the Iraqi interim government.

Riverbend has a very interesting blog about the Iraqi roof.

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