Monday, June 14, 2004

Sam's Our Man

Sam over at Hammorabi has been posting righteous blogs for a long time now. Yesterday's blog was no exception:

The expected surge up of the terrorist attacks happened and may increase even more. The increase is not only in Iraq but also in other places like Saudi Arabia which is the incubator of the ideology provided motherhood for the hate, racism and barbarism.


The problem of the Saudis is not with the rest of the world but with their system as a whole. It is part of the Arab system based on dictatorship, corruption, and downgrading of large sectors of their people. Their problem is with the poisonous ideology of the hate to every non-wahabism.


The recent decapitation of 2 Iraqis and a Lebanese young man plus the assassination of many Iraqis is another warning sign to those responsible for Iraqi security to use a strict tactics of mousetraps for those thugs where ever they go. The bomb which killed 12 Iraqis and injured more today and the other one which killed 4 IP and injured more is another factor which should make no mercy toward the terrorist and their ideology of hate.

Sam is just one of many Iraqis who see the upcoming months as their chance to create a functioning democracy in the Middle East. Sam, perhaps more than others, knows that the terrorists will try everything and anything to rip his country apart. And Sam knows it's time to bring the hammer down on the forces of chaos and evil that have been drawn to Iraq. A threatened beast is always dangerous.

UPDATE: Firas Georges, over at Iraq and Iraqis, clues us in on how Iraqis have immunized themselves to terrorist acts. According to Firas, the terrorists are no longer really terrorizing the population. Law of diminishing returns. Here's Firas:

I told the man about the idea that as well as the car bombs and random assassinations negatively can affect our lives, it’s got a positive affect too. Because we are being immune against such disease (terrorism) . At the same time we were passing the crowded area of “Tahreer Sq.” where a bomb car were just exploded and it was still crowded just like nothing happened.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad, are we turning to insensitive people? Is it going to affect our health in future……….When I answered my mobile while I was there, and it was my wife asking how would I want the painter to paint our house (I am building a house and its in finishing stage) by a brush or by the roller, and I told her “as you like its crowded and I don’t want to make an accident”, so she asked “where are you?”, I said “Tahreer Sq.”, at then she said “near the bomb……be careful”………….See just “be careful”…….we are immune,………….. or insensitive.

But it’s helping us to carry on our lives normally during the dangerous situations we live through.

What happens to terrorists when they are no longer able to terrorize? They are hunted down and either brought to justice or killed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now that Khalid Jarrar has escaped -- at least for the summer -- the drills of the Commando-Professors, he can try to help out others, like his friend and his girlfriend who have been having some trouble. Here's Khalid:

the thing is, as a marriage consultant, i was receiving a copy of most of these emails, that they exchanged, i really care about them both, and i wanted to help as much as i can.
but when he received the email with the harsh comment, he was sad, and he forwarded this email to me, but he wrote one line, something like: isn't she a b*** or what?
well, he never talked about her that way before, he loves her, and respects her a lot, but he was angry at the moment, it happens, you know.
but guess what?
he did a small mistake, and sent that to her instead of me.
ohhhh myyy God.

I'm sorry, folks, I really like the Jarrars, even if they drive me crazy from time to time.

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