Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sam Pins the Wahabi Bastards to the Wall!

Sam over at Hammorabi demands our deepest respect for facing the Wahabi terrorists and telling them that they're scum.

In a news report distributed by Iraqi demonstrators in Baghdad, the IP in Falluja with the Wahabi terrorists captured and killed 6 Shia Iraqi youths. The demostrators seen in the above picture was during the funeral of the 6 men in Baghdad Today.


During their return to Baghdad the 6 Shia men have been stopped by gun men terrorists who introduced themselves as the Mujaheeden who fought against the US Marine in April 2003! The 6 men managed to escape and seek refuge with the IP station in the city. The IP then handed them to one of the Wahabi extremist Mullah who handed them to the thugs. The thugs (some Arabs terrorists among them) asked for a ransom of 3000 US Dollar for each one alive! Among the captured was Mohammad Khodier a 12 years old boy who was released later. He told that the Mullah handed them to the terrorists who speak with non-Iraqi different Arab axons. They then decapitated and mutilated them and among them were his older brother and his uncle! Another man called Alaa Marai said that he went to negotiate with the terrorist to give them alive and most of them were Syrian who refused unless the money paid!

There's more. Read Sam's blog. Then try to tell me that Wahabi terrorists are only targeting Westerners. These terrorists are killing Iraqis. If the IP in Falluja are allied with the terrorist groups, then Iraqis need to flush the toilet in Falluja.

Oh, and Sam also has a few choice words for a few of the Arab media outlets you and I have heard about.

UPDATE: AYS turns on the TV.

I turned it on Al-Jazeera when they were asking Iraqis about the coming trial of Saddam, I’m sure that they met many many of them saying that they are waiting for this great day..BUT they showed someone who angrily said : ‘ Saddam is a hero and he shouldn’t be treated like that’!!

Let’s Bomb Al-Jazeera !!

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