Thursday, June 17, 2004

Return of the Pink Panther (Asmar Ahmad)

Watson tapped on the monitor, grinning from ear to ear, as I entered our study this morning. On the screen I could see that Tom Villars, a friend of AYS's, detected that our very own Asmar Ahmad had recently attempted to apply for financial aid of some type. Tom Villars wrote:

Some dumb ass calling himself Asmar Ahmad, tried to apply for financial aid today. His blog is mostly pictures of Baghdad. The pictures are nice, but they were all stolen from another blog.

His IP Address was which I traced to Iran which kind of surprised me.

Well, please excuse Mr. Villars' rough language. His passion, I believe, had gained a position of temporary dominance in head and heart. Assuming another's identity, however, does warrant strong measures and perhaps even occasionally strong language.

For Watson and myself, certainly the connection to Iran stirred our interest in this fascinating case. Return of the Pink Panther, indeed.

If you would like to read our initial investigation into the Pink Panther, please read our Strange Case of Asmar Ahmad


UPDATE: If I could get my hands on Kurdo, I would rip his head off. Today he equates Mr. Bremer with Saddam Hussein. Paul Bremer has worked around the clock for a year straight, trying to rebuild and keep Iraq together, knowing that he was a targeted man and could be assassinated at any moment. He has a wife and children back in the States praying that Dad makes it home alive. And Kurdo likens him to Saddam Hussein?!


Folks, I just stopped in for a brew and behind the bar Kurdo the bartender had this big picture of Paul Bremer being pulled down like Saddam's statue in Firdus Square! I told him he has an *ss for putting that up. The place erupted! Chairs flying everywhere! An all-out bar brawl! I grabbed the Eastern Kurd Kid and got 'im in a head-lock and wanged on his head until he was out cold. Sheriff Lee C. tried to stop it but I punched him in the mouth!

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