Sunday, June 20, 2004

Reactions to the Beheading of Paul Johnson

According to Mohammed at Iraq the Model, the terrorists' penchant for beheading is the result of Muslim fanaticism and the region's dictatorships. Both groups, those led by Osama Bin Laden and the Baathists under Saddam, have used decapitation for its dramatic effect and basic cruelty and Sadism -- or is it now Saddamism?

Who are these people? I see that they’re the product of fanaticism that was fed and upgraded by dictatorships in the Muslim world; they are a mutant generation that came as a result of this unholy marriage between retarded religious institutions and brutal dictatorships.

In the recent past people just like these were carrying swords at Saddam’s days, cutting people’s throats for the most trivial reasons. Cutting hands and decapitating is a character of dictatorships that use Islam as a cover to give them legitimacy and to justify their evil wills. It’s a concept that these regimes still try to popularize and one just have to look at the Saudi government. Why do they still use the sword to cut hands and heads of convicted people? Doesn’t this contribute in bringing such a mutant generation to existence?


Over on the Comments Pages of Alhamedi's The Religious Policeman, one poster, Saif al-Kufr, writes:

Alhamedi, you're a bright spot of sanity and intelligent humor in this troubled world. The Kingdom's favorite spin master gave a press conference this afternoon in Washington. His excuses really seem disengenuous now. Our moronic press corps never asks him the tough questions, like "How can 3 of 4 terrorists escape from a compound surround on all 4 sides and above by Sharta, Army, National Guard & KSA Special Forces troops? I'd like to see one reporter brandish one of al-Fawzaan's leaflets like "A Glimpse at the Deviated Sects" or one of the magazines Saudi Marketing and Research distributes to KSA military. Or one of the Internet khutbah, like Usama Khayyat's "The Virtues of Martyrdom" and ask al-Jubeir, "Don't you think this state funded material has something to do with the deteriorating situation in your country?" BTW, what has Qaradawi had to say about this turmoil? You can bet on him to play the best positions on both sides of the issue.
Saif al-Kufr | Email | 06.20.04 - 12:11 am | #

He raises a few questions, don't you think?


AYS at Iraq at a Glance has always stood up for the truth and today is no different.

They behead human-beings....what can we name them?.. I can’t find a word that fits them.. Terrorists? I think this word must be changed.. They are much more violent than what this word means...

We have to stand side by side against them, we must.


Sam at Hammorabi, like Saif above, zeroes in on a tender spot.

The question is not how he was killed but why not have been captured before or killed? And is this means the Saudi securty have not done enough to crak down the terrorist? Now the Saudi securty received the orders to finish Muqrin only now to avoid the wrath of the civilized people! Why not before!? Why not before? A big question need not answers but millions of answers! Finish the Wahabism which is the doctrine and ideology feeds the terrorists! Hell is the place of Muqriin and soon for Zarqawi!


Mahmood over at Mahmood's Den faces the reality on the ground.

My question is what else are WE as Muslims, Arabs whatever are we waiting for exactly to rise against these bastards? It is quite clear that the governments we have inherited are incompetent in the face of this terror, espcially Saudi, where they still seem to try to sweep this event under a rug and still refusing to accept that this is a violent revolution or civil war that is happening, rather than a few criminals who were "led astray" by "foreigners."

The sooner they face facts and immediately put a transparent action plan in place, let by capable people the sooner we can sleep well again. But that, I fear, if a very long time coming.

My personal commiserations and heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Johnson.


Ambassador Fayrouz at Live from Dallas asks a very simple question.

It amazing how the Saudi government found and killed those responsible of Paul's death hours after his death. Why didn't the police capture them before they committed their crime? I'm losing my patience with the Saudi government. I think it needs to take tougher actions against these criminals.

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