Thursday, June 10, 2004

Raed Jarrar: Saddam, Mein Fuehrer!

In just a couple weeks Iraq will be a sovereign nation with a president, prime minister, and cabinet in place running the country until elections in six months. The majority of Iraqis are now looking forward to creating their own democratic country. There will be tough patches along the way, to be sure, but the future is there for them to see. Among the Iraqi Bloggers, Omar, Ali, Mohammed, Sam, AYS, Zeyad, Firas, Sarmad, and Alaa blog daily about the great hope and enthusiasm they see around them. And we Americans read their blogs and see the same determination to build a country that we find in our own Founding Fathers over two hundred years ago.

Here is Mohammed, from Iraq the Model, writing only his second blog called You Owe Us an Apology on November 17, 2003:

I don’t know really know why Saddam’s regime lasted for over three decades, but I am sure as an Iraqi who survived that period that there’re no legal or moral justifications
for it to remain.
I was counting days and hours waiting to see an end to that regime, just like all those who suffered the cruelty of that brutal regime.
It’s been really a disgrace chasing the world ,the world of the 21st. century, reminding it how incapable it was to aid the oppressed and to sue those who dispised all the
values of humanity.

Then we have Raed writing yesterday, almost a year and a half after Saddam hurried out of Baghdad, hunched down in the back of an orange-fendered taxi:

Saddam was our national leader,
And yeah, I know I know…
he was a dictator,
he was stupid and self-destructive
but he was our national leader, that I didn’t enjoy any external forces to come and change.
I used to be an anti-Saddam during the time of the national Iraqi government, and I am still having huge critiques on how was he ruling the country,,,
But he was a national leader, and more a phenomena than a person.
A phenomenon that Iraq must go through to reach to a better future.

Readers, what do you think? Is Raed a dangerous reactionary? Is he simply confused? Is he drinking too much? Is his mind really twisted because of his new relationship with The Letter N? Is he a closet Saddamite? Is he simply a contrarian?

I don't have any answers. But I have a few thoughts on democracy. Democratic leaders are just people -- no Arab Warriors, please! -- who have some ideas about how to run the country. They debate their ideas with others in their own parties and try to get nominated. If nominated, they then go out and travel around the country, debating, shaking hands, running ads, and trying to win the office of president. If elected by the majority of Americans, they are given four years to show us how their ideas work. If they fail in convincing us, they will most likely not win the next election and they're out of office. Simple. If while they are in office they break the law, Congress can impeach them. They are removed. Simple. Nixon resigned under threat of impeachment. No American called for Nixon to stay because he was "our national leader." Nixon screwed up, brought shame to the office of president, and he would have been thrown out if he hadn't resigned. End of story.

So, Raed, get rid of this idea of "national leaders" -- you mean like Mubarak or Assad? -- and Arab Warriors and Brave Saladins.

Raed, listen to one of your fellow Iraqis, Ali from Iraq the Model, here speaking about the upcoming trial of Saddam in a blog titled We Don't Need Another Hero:

The more important is that it should be a trial not just for Saddam, his followers or other dictators, but also for some of the Arab and Muslim convictions and stale ideologies and to the public opinion of the world who watched silently and the governments that helped him.

My concern is of course with judging some of the stale convictions Arab and Muslim still believe strongly, and which in my opinion gave the chance to people like Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad and others to rule such great nations for such a long period.
One of these is of particular importance here;

Through my life I had came to the conclusion that most Arabs and Muslims think that their salvation and progress will only happen through the birth of a legendary leader or someone who speaks for the prophet or God. This probably came through reading a distorted version of history that shows that historical heroes such as Mohammed the prophet and Saladin are theier only hope to make the rising of Arab and Muslims possible.
Before burying Saddam I hope we'll be able to get him out of our soles and minds, to wash our soles from the dirt that must had smeared it through those years.
With judging Saddam I hope that we will be able to judge our convictions, not get rid of them just look at some of them from a different angle maybe we will be able to sentence them to death with one of their innumerable evil byproducts.
Yes, we don't need another (hero).

Raed, drop the whole "national leader" idea and start thinking about a future Iraqi candidate whose ideas you agree with and whom you wouldn't might voting for to see if they could deliver on their platform. RAED, JOIN THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION!

UPDATE: You know that Watergate expression, "follow the money," right? In the Iraqi Bloggersphere, we have a new expression: FOLLOW LEE C. If you want great debates and the smell of gunpowder in the air, step on over to Kurdo's World and hit the waves there with your best surfboard!! Surf's Up, Kids!

Yes, I know what you are saying.

We are working for a federal republic in Iraq.

You are saying it's time to attack and kill Americans.

I'm clear on that.

Lee C. ― U.S.A. | Email | 06.09.04 - 8:53 pm | #

ANOTHER UPDATE: Please check out Gaith "G" Ahad's Tigris Tales column for the Guardian. Very good. You want good links, folks, you keep coming to Iraqi Bloggers Central.

One day, as I was stuck in a traffic jam, the driver was listening to a phone-in talkshow on one of the new Iraqi radio stations. All of a sudden they started discussing - and I mean publicly - politics! Some callers wanted a constitutional monarchy because of so and so, others would say they preferred a republic. I was so shocked. Yes, we are almost used to talking about these things between us, but to listen to these things broadcast, in broad daylight ... I looked around me at the other drivers in the queue; were they listening too? Some old hangover of fear made me feel like I was sitting naked in the car in the middle of the street.

STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: The Spiff over at Cry Me a River II responds to Raed Jarrar's latest ... um ... statements.

Wow. Raed needs to take a breath. If you ask me, he's regurgitating months of encouraging rants he recieves in e-mails from crazy liberals who are completely ignorant to the reality of Iraq.

You look at Riverbend, and you see reflection, you see her sharing her opinion with the reader, trying to paint a picture of what she sees around her in order to educate us. Even if you don't agree with her I'm sure you can see that.

Right here though, Raed sounds so detatched from reality. It looks like he's been worked into a frenzy. Half of what he says contradicts itself. All of it sounds like bits and pieces of the various anti-american rants that fill the internet. This isn't Raed talking, this is Raed performing the way his audience has conditioned him.

AND YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Khalid Jarrar has finally escaped the clutches of the Commando-Professors!

I finished@ I finished! Oh my God! I finished I finished I finished!*jumping up and down*
I cant believe it!
God, 8 exams in 15 days, they sure look like 15 years.
now they are all gone!
the nightmare is over!
and I don't have to study till 4 am anymore :D
isn't this the heaven?
I will get the results in 10 days, inshalla.
pray for me:)
I am sitting now in the fancy internet cafe I used to attend, enjoying the ultra fast connection, and drinking a cold 7up.

Everyone, three cheers for Khalid!

Commado-Professor: JaaaaRRRAAR!

Khalid Jarrar: Yeeeesssir!

Commando-Professor: What in the H*LL is wrong with your brother??!! Is he INSANE?

Khalid Jarrar: Yeeeesssir!

TODAY'S RECOMMENDED READING: Zeyad begins penning a thorough analysis of the role of tribes in Iraq in particular and the Middle East in general. Do NOT miss this.

Whenever the tribal influence diminishes over a few centuries and
civilisation slowly flourishes again, a new wave of fresh desert tribes moves to the area and disrupts the process all over again.

If you would like a comparison on the same subject, check out Riverbend's blog about Sheikhs and Tribes

SCREW THE FRENCH UPDATE: Erik of No Pasaran! goes to a rally in Paris over the weekend holding a sign that reads, Sometimes the Cowboy is Right The protestors attacked him and the police dragged him away for disturbing the peace. I sh*t you NOT. BTW, David Kaspar runs a great weblog out of Germany called Medienkritik.

Check out these photos from No Pasaran!

NEW NITWIT ALERT: Raed "Boozehead" Jarrar clips in an email from a French Chick, Claire, just another Nitwit that tags along with Raed.

OK Europe has been liberated from evil once, but history doesn't repeat itself (oh my god, I am quoting Chirac now, I should really do something) 'as the beloved president said, long live for him'.

Learn to count, Claire.

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