Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Raed Jarrar: Americans are Responsible for Beheadings

I must conclude that Raed Jarrar is suffering from an unspecified mental disorder, perhaps due to sleeping one night too many with his head next to his trusty Geiger Counter. Over the past month, his thought patterns have slowly been losing basic consistency and more recently have started to break up completely. Let me clip and then comment.

When did this fashion of beheading start anyway?

Did anyone ever heard about beheading before the occupation of Iraq? Before the silly right-wing war of terror?

Who do you really think created these monsters cutting heads?

Raed implies that the Americans are responsible for terrorists beheading innocent civilians. Yes, of course, why didn't I see that, Raed? Of course the Americans forced Al-Qaeda to decapitate its victims!

Just for the sake of argument, Raed, let's say that the Americans didn't force Al-Qaeda to decapitate its innocent victims. Where else could they have gotten this idea. Hey, how about Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia - the beheading capital of the modern world.

Saudi Arabia uses public beheading as the punishment for murder, rape, drug trafficking, sodomy and armed robbery, apostasy and certain other offences. 45 men and 2 women were beheaded in 2002 and a further 52 men and 1 woman in 2003.

The condemned of both sexes are given tranquillisers and then taken by police van to a public square or a car park after midday prayers. Their eyes are covered and they are blindfolded. The police clear the square of traffic and a sheet of blue plastic sheet about 16 feet square is laid out on the ground.

Dressed in their own clothes, barefoot, with shackled feet and hands cuffed behind their back, the prisoner is led by a police officer to the centre of the sheet where they are made to kneel facing Mecca. An Interior Ministry official reads out the prisoner's name and crime to the crowd of witnesses.

A policeman hands the sword to the executioner who raises the gleaming scimitar and often swings it two or three times before approaches the prisoner from behind and jabbing him in the back with the tip of the sword causing the person to raise their head. (see photo)

Normally it takes just one swing of the sword to sever the head, often sending it flying some two or three feet. Paramedics bring the head to a doctor, who uses a gloved hand to stop the fountain of blood spurting from the neck. The doctor sews the head back on, and the body is wrapped in the blue plastic sheet and taken away in an ambulance. The body is then buried in an unmarked grave in the prison cemetery.

Beheadings of women did not start until the early 1990s, previously they were shot. 33 women have been publicly beheaded up to the end of 2003.

Most executions are carried out in the three major cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dahran.
Saudi executioners take great pride in their work and the post tends to be handed down from one generation to the next.

Hey Raed, do you think it's possible that the fact that many of the members of Al Qaeda come from Saudi Arabia and the fact that beheading is very popular there might help explain the terrorists' predilection for severed heads?

Raed, Ya think?


From Amir Taheri's Brief History of Islamic Decapitations.

Berg is, of course, not the first to be murdered in such a gruesome manner. Nor, alas, is he likely to be the last. For the cutting of heads (in Arabic, qata al-raas) has been the favorite form of Islamist execution for more than 14 centuries.

In the famous battles of early Islam, with the Prophet personally in command of the army of believers, the heads of enemy generals and soldiers were often cut off and put on sticks to be shown around villages and towns as a warning to potential adversaries.

In 680, the Prophet's favorite grandson, Hussein bin Ali, had his head chopped off in Karbala, central Iraq, by the soldiers of the Caliph Yazid. The severed head was put on a silver platter and sent to Damascus, Yazid's capital, before being sent further to Cairo for inspection by the Governor of Egypt. The Caliph's soldiers also cut off the heads of all of Hussein's 71 male companions, including the one-year-old baby boy Ali-Asghar.

Raed, Ya think?


Mr. Taheri, in Raed Jarrar's history book, beheading is an absolutely new phenomenon, one forced upon the innocent terrorists by the Evil Americans. Raed says:

Did anyone ever heard about beheading before the occupation of Iraq? Before the silly right-wing war of terror?

Well, yes, Raed.

For centuries, from the Iberian peninsula to the Indian subcontinent, jihad campaigns waged by Muslim armies against infidel Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus, were punctuated by massacres, including mass throat slittings and beheadings. During the period of “enlightened” Muslim rule, the Christians of Iberian Toledo, who had first submitted to their Arab Muslim invaders in 711 or 712, revolted in 713. In the harsh Muslim reprisal that ensued, Toledo was pillaged, and all the Christian notables had their throats cut. On the Indian subcontinent, Babur (1483-1530), the founder of the Mughal Empire, who is revered as a paragon of Muslim tolerance by modern revisionist historians, recorded the following in his autobiographical “Baburnama,” about infidel prisoners of a jihad campaign:

"Those who were brought in alive [having surrendered] were ordered beheaded, after which a tower of skulls was erected in the camp." [The Baburnama -Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor, translated and edited by Wheeler M. Thacktson, Oxford University Press,1996, p. 188. Emphasis added.]

Raed, Ya think?


Read Jarrar's last blog is chock-full of nuts. Let's see how many we can find.

Source for the first article: Check here for a little more history.


UPDATE: I have read the latest blog by Belmont Club three times already. It gets better with each reading.

Through the long summer of 1990s, the wounds festered as the infection deepened. It was masked by the ineffectual cologne of NGO projects, corrupt aid delivery, United Nations peacekeeping public relations projects, by selective media coverage and by the jangling of fund raising concerts at which the Secretary General appeared, like some secular pope, to give his blessing, until the boil burst over Manhattan on that bright autumn day. As the debris showered on New York it obscured the fact that a new post-post-colonial ideology was ready to push the Liberal edifice aside and take up the challenge of Islamic terrorism; underneath the War for Terror there was now a War for the West.

Damn, this Belmont Club can write: "the jangling of fund raising concerts at which the Secretary General appeared, like some secular pope, to give his blessing"

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