Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Open Forum: Lucy

Lucy, one of our posters on the Comments Pages, has had an email correspondence with Faiza for some months now. Recently Faiza used a NYTimes article that had been sent to her by Lucy. However, no context was provided. "Some of your more thoughtless and angry readers," Lucy writes, "are now assuming that I am arrogant, disrespectful and condescending."


As you know from the many emails we have exchanged since you began your blog I have been in complete sympathy with you--I am very against Bush and his foreign policy, I was consistently against the war and demonstrated against it here in NYC (where I as you know I was one of the survivors of 9/11 having been in the World Trade Center at the time), I have been consistently against our military occupation of your country, and I was horrified by the abuses committed by some of our troops.

I merely forwarded to you an article from the NY Times which stated that a number of Iraqis believe that the terrorist attacks in your country are being done by the US as an excuse for keeping our troops there and asked you questions about that because I have read similar news reports in five different languages which have said the same thing. I personally believe that al Quada--the same people who almost killed me--are responsible for committing these terrorist attacks in Iraq. I asked for your opinion about the article because I did respect your views! I have expressed concern for your personal welfare that our troops could be withdrawn prematurely before Iraqis can organize your own forces to protect you. You chose to put my email on your site without explaining what the article was about and without any of the emails which proceeded it or followed it. As a result some of your more thoughtless and angry readers are now assuming that I am arrogant, disrespectful and condescending--which you do choose to make public on your blog.

In this case I feel your judgment, in searching for the truth and building a bridge of understanding between our people, has been questionable and certainly very unfair to me since I believed we had become friends and wrote to you in that spirit. In the interest of fairness I wonder whether you will put this email on your blog as well.


Thanks, Lu.

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