Friday, June 11, 2004

Kurdo's Wild West Saloon Blow by Blow

Most of the action in the Iraqi Bloggersphere has moved over to Kurdo's World. Kurdo wrote early yesterday:

Every Kurd is disappointed in the United States. USA has favoured the beards of an Islamic cleric over the self-determination-rights of a long-oppressed nation.

The Shiites don't show good intentions from now. They want us to go back to pre-1974 with no Self-rule-autonomy, something that even Saddam Hussein has agreed on.

Bring on the Independence papers.

And then later in the evening he wrote:

Kurdistan-Iraq conflict update !

I know it is late in night but I just need to inform my lovely readers about the Kurdistan-Iraq conflict..
You can divide the situation into two sides. One from the Kurdish people, two from the Kurdish political parties.

The Kurdish people are waiting very anxiously for the political parties reaction. These political parties have failed the Kurdish people many times. So to be honest everyone is doubting that PUK and KDP will do anything that can upset USA. Almost everyone call for independence in case Kurdish autonomy was not given in a federal Iraq.

The Comments Pages over at Kurdo's World have been Wild West with any number of card-sharps, cattle rustlers, and peach-fuzz gunslingers stopping in for a tall mug and a shot-of-whisky chaser, hoping to make a name for themselves.

SHERIFF LEE C. UPDATE: I would recommend stopping into Kurdo's Saloon tomorrow around HIGH NOON. You might just run into Sheriff Lee C.:

>You didn't answer my question.

Yes, that's correct.

I told you a couple of times that if you kept on being stupid I was going to start ignoring you.

See how that works.

Lee C. ― U.S.A. | Email | 06.10.04 - 8:20 am | #

Has anyone seen The Man who Shot Liberty Valence?

ETERNAL PARIS UPDATE: Erik S., the person who was attacked over the weekend by French protestors because he held a sign that read, "Parfois le Cowboy a raison -- Sometimes the cowboy is right," joins the discussion over at David Kaspar's Medienkritik:

Sometimes when I read news accounts of certain events, I get extremely angry. Usually, I first am befuddled or taken aback, and then a cold fury starts welling up inside of me. What I get angry at is what I would call some form of injustice. Injustice that is usually based on self-deception or outright lies. And this has occurred from my earliest childhood.

One of those times was during the Reagan administration, when anti-nuclear protests regularly filled the streets of Europe's cities. All the pacifists' signs, shouts, and chants were against the American missiles. Not a single one was against the Soviet missiles already in Eastern Europe, i.e., the SS-19s and -20s, which were the reason NATO was to install American missiles in Western Europe in the first place. (This is what eventually caused François Mitterrrand to move closer to Reagan and say: The protesters are in the West, the missiles are in the East.)

I remember reading in Le Figaro about one such demonstration of "pacifists" in Paris: One person – one single person! – had decided to carry a sign castigating the Soviet SS-20s. Well, the guy was roughed up by his fellow pacifists and his sign torn up. And a cold fury welled up inside of me…

That is exactly what Ray and I saw (and felt) some 20 years later, in Paris again. "Bush is the nº 1 terrorist" and not a single mention of Bin Laden. Iraq is "under occupation" and not a single word about Saddam Hussein.


Shameran sits down, hoists a cold one, and says:

I hope that the Kurdistan Parliament will decide to withdraw from the Iraqi government....

enough is enough..

shameran | 06.11.04 - 5:18 am | #

Grab a chair, everyone! It's time for an OLD-FASHIONED BAR BRAWL!!!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Faiza Jarrar posts another email from a self-loathing jack*ss, this one a guy named David from Los Angeles:

But there are many like me, who hate the
haters, and we are fighting them. I know this must seem a kind of abstract
statement, and undoubtedly is a small consolation for the pain youre facing.
But I promise you that the mean-spirited and the violent are not the only
residents of the United States of America, and that those of us who remember
how to love are with you. I wish you peace, and hope, and promise you that
there are many many tens of millions of Americans who feel just as I do, and
we are fighting to remove this Bushy crop of life-haters from their position
of power before too long. It's a difficult battle, because the simple
language of hate and destruction is seductive to so many, and the more
difficult path of love and understanding is so demanding. But we are
fighting, many more of us than you or I can dream. This is a fight that
sensible people of every nation and creed are fighting, and must fight, as
the forces of darkness and hatred emerge to their full height around the
world--The forces of greed, and bigotry, and self-righteousness, and fear.
Together--you, me, open-thinking people the world over-- we will defeat
them, the haters, and together, maybe we can make a world where our children
will know peace.

For David, people who don't agree with him he rounds up and calls "haters," and then he proceeds to hate these "haters."

Interesting. Any thoughts?

ANOTHER SHERIFF LEE C. UPDATE: Sheriff Lee C. is over at Kurdo's Wild West Saloon. Here some ranch-hand asks Big Lee C. a question.

"Uh, Sheriff, what if EYE-RAN attacks us?"

Teheran cannot attack us like that. They could not claim the credit. Which would be necessary, otherwise it would do no good to have made the attack. (Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Prague, maybe; we might stand back and watch the Europeans scurry around trying to figure out what to do.)

But, if they do that to us, New York, Washington, Seattle, etc. they will have to deny they did it. And why do it if you have to deny it was you?
Otherwise they will have Abrams tanks in downtown Teheran, and Qum. And the Ayatollahs' pictures will go up next to Saddam's.

09/11/01 made a difference. We will not sit back and let people attack us anymore. They overshot. Better to attack the Spanish, maybe the French.

Lee C. ― U.S.A. | Email | 06.11.04 - 5:25 pm | #

"Thanks, Sheriff. Yup. Ha ha. Mebbe the French."

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