Friday, June 18, 2004

Iraqi Bloggers Roundup

Omar, Ali, and Mohammed over at Iraq the Model have continued to pen righteous blogs. Yesterday, when asked to follow events through the eyes of the Arab media, Ali utters Bartleby the Scrivener's terse reply: I prefet not to.

I’ve decided long ago not to trust what these people say and what the media shows me. I’ve decided not to even watch Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabyia. I decide to love and trust the others and not to allow small events committed by few ignorant to shape my views about a whole nation. No my friends, I refuse to be trapped in this momentary dark picture that's far from convincing and that's not just because I'm an Iraqi, it's because I can't let anyone tell me what to believe in.

Zeyed at Healing Iraq has just added Part Four to his explication of the role of tribes in Iraqi history and society.

Iraq's tribal society: A state within a state (part one)

Iraq's tribal society: A state within a state (part two)

Iraq's tribal society: A state within a state (part three)

Iraq's tribal society: A state within a state (part four)

Sam at Hammorabi has been writing about some troubling developments on the ground in Falluja.

They divided the city into various areas and called it Emarat El-Falluja (Emirate) with Zarqawi as the Ameer (Prince). They appointed a leader for each one of these areas among the Mujaheeden with one group under his leadership. They gave Zarqawi an Oath to set out the Islamic state of Caliphate in Falluja and from there they will spread it into the rest of Iraq and the region. They now try desperately to gather lot of youths and young people enthusiastic for that to join them. They also tried to get themselves extended well beyond that area to Baghdad and other regions.

AYS at Iraq at a Glance has some plain talk about Iraq and its neighbors.

The good thing in Iraq is that most Iraqis do not care for the ‘Arab nation’ and other ‘nationalistic’ concepts, they realized that they had nothing but pains from them, and Iraqis were suffering under Saddam while the Arabs were clapping for him, and now, they are exporting their terrorists to help us in building our country! .. So Iraqis started to think as Iraqis not as Arabs, and together with the democratic changes, Iraq will witness a great future.

Firas at Iraq & Iraqis clues us in on the opening of the Iraqi Stock Exchange.

For us as a stock brokers firm, it’s a dream to reopen and establish stock exchange, especially when the American experts who helped to reopen the market are saying “we are trying to develop new, modern exchange facilities”.
Any way I will keep the site visitors informed about what’s new in ISX (and thats Iraq Stock eXchange)reopening and its all on Iraq Stock Exchange

At Kurdo's Wild West Saloon yesterday, Kurdo the bartender put up a big poster that showed Bremer being pulled down like Saddam. All hell broke loose! Today Kurdo and Sheriff Lee C. and Paul "Doc" Edwards are sweeping up the glass and sporting a few shiners.

Sarmad at Road of a Nation posted a conversation with an Arab neighbor.

I was having a little chat to a friend in the messenger, and she was from an Arabic country. She was asking me about the situation in Iraq. I told her we are fine, and things go better day by day. She said really? I told her ”yes “ she told me but we see things on “AL-Jazeera” a lot of things. I told him that “AL-Jazeera” don’t represent Iraqis ,and only what they care about to turn things on. . . . She told me do you like saddam? I told her no one like the devil.

Faiza at A Family in Baghdad is still wrestling with and Angel of Hope and the Devil of Despair in her blogs. Here she responds to a letter from an American named Lucy.

this is the email I have received today..from my American friend Lucy..
ok, I didn`t put the article that she was talking about cause it was very long ..
you can read it from another site maybe..
the article is full of lies agaist Iraqis...
the real story about those young men,they were not dancing and celebrating like zolo people...
they were very angry against occupation force and they were jumping on the top of a destroyed car...shouting agaist USA, cause they think it`s doing very bad actions in their country...and it makes Iraq the feild of battles...

Those Iraqis hoisting the AKs are just "innocent young men" in Faiza's eyes. No comment.

Khalid at Tell Me a Secret has gone AWOL from Camp Uni and the Commando-Professors will roast his *ss when he returns to university in the fall.

Oh my God! I finished I finished I finished!*jumping up and down*
I cant believe it!
God, 8 exams in 15 days, they sure look like 15 years.
now they are all gone!
the nightmare is over!
and I don't have to study till 4 am anymore :D
isn't this the heaven?

Raed hasn't blogged this week. He's in Amman, Jordan, trying to finish his thesis in architecture. All Quiet on the Letter N Front.

Riverbend hasn't blogged since June 1. The hope and anticipation of the majority of Iraqis about June 30 is just killing OUR DOLEFUL DAME OF BAGHDAD.


UPDATE: It was bound to happen sooner or later. FAIZA finally lost it today and SPITS ON AMERICANS AND BRITISH. I don't know what to say anymore.

And there are still some fools who would defend the occupation forces, and regard them as the saviors of Iraq…

What a silly joke!!!

Actually, our whole life here became a meaningless silly joke…
I will not tolerate reading any letter from any American, who is still trying to convince me with the humanity of his government, and its great campaign to liberate Iraq and the Iraqis…

Get out of our country…this would be the greatest humanitarian deed you could give us now…
And after you get out, swear to us that you would never mess with our lives again, nor send more criminals and felons to rake havoc in our country…

I personally do not think America or Britain could sleep peacefully if ever we were happy, and in peace. Never. For their happiness always rises from destroying us, and ruining our lives. They are now in the best of conditions…

Here they are, doing to us what they have always dreamed of doing, for tens of years…
But God says : ( these are the days which turn around among people…), Meaning… there will come a day in which their lives will break up and be destroyed…just like they did to us…

The DIVIDE between the group represented by Omar, Ali, Mohammed, Zeyad, Alaa, Sam, AYS, and Sarmad and the nucleus of Faiza and Riverbend has just gotten a little wider. In 12 days the Iraqis will have to figure out where they stand -- with Omar, Ali, and Mohammed and their side or with Faiza and Riverbend.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Nothing could illustrate the differences between the two groups than reading Faiza's words above and then to read the compassionate blog just posted by Sam at Hammorabi:

Our Sympathy and condolences
I and my friends in this site who contribute to the comment section and the site send our condolences and deep sympathy to the family of the victim Paul Johnson and condemn totally this devilish act of terrorism.

Sam has been blogging all week on the danger of the Falluja Brigade.


KURDO'S WORLD UPDATE: Well, at Kurdo's Wild West Saloon all the broken glass has been swept up, tables have been fixed, and Kurdo is pulling drafts again. Sheriff Lee C. is holding court again and already delivered a zinger that even produced a guffaw from Paul "Doc" Edwards.

Saddam was created by a couple of Iraqi people (one male, one female) in the usual manner.

But earlier, I must say, "Doc" schooled Lee C. a bit.

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