Thursday, June 24, 2004

Iraqi Bloggers Respond to Today's Attacks

I woke up today, booted up the computer, saw that the terrorists have killed scores of Iraqis, click on the English-language Al-Jazeera website and then read this headline:


Iraqi resistance? What kind of shite is this? Now I know why the ITM brothers have stopped watching Al-Jazeera and why every other day Sam and AYS and Firas curse the Al-Jazeera staff. These coordinated explosions are the work of TERRORISTS. They will be hunted down and they will be killed.


UPDATE: Zeyad says what few are able to say in his blog called Beheadings.

These are the same people that continue to pour in from the borders of our 'friendly neighbours' to wage their 7th century Jihad on Iraqi soil, they are the same people that pack vehicles with tons of explosives to relieve thousands of Iraqis of their existence, they are -I believe- the same people who continue to assassinate hundreds of Iraqi professionals and 'collaborators', they are the same people that run the Taliban-style Emirate of Fallujah, they are the same people who the Arab media insists are heroic 'resistance fighters'. Yet all we hear after such grisly scenes is... (croak).. (croak).. a maddening silence, and then a few obligatory half-hearted 'This is not the real Islam, you know', 'Noooo, it's really a religion of peace, you don't understand'. However, I don't think people are buying these lines any more.


Sam at Hammorabi is NOT in the mood for taking prisoners.

The days of the terrorist are counted and they know that very well. This is why they try to rock the boat for the last chance in the last minute. It is over for them and so soon their filthy bodies will be executed publicly.


Mohammed at Iraq the Model takes the long view.

We should present the best example and I am optimistic because I see the majority of Iraqis, and despite their fears, have decided to go on no matter what. Yes, we’ll give sacrifices and we’ll go through sad days but I’m totally convinced that nothing can stop the process. We’ll pay precious blood but it’s worth the sacrifice. The accomplishment will be a great victory and a turning point in history that will influence the region and the world.


AYS over at Iraq at a Glance stands strong with the rest of his fellow Iraqi Bloggers.

It’s obvious that they failed in everything they did and trying to do, nothing will stop Iraqis and our friends.. They used their terrorists, bombs, assassinations, kidnaping the foreign workers and cutting their heads off...etc.. and now they are using the rumors ! What a coward weak enemy!

We are defeating them.. It’s clear from their new attempts that they are helpless now.. They are unable to break our will, Iraq and the coalition now are ready to thwart any attack..

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