Monday, June 21, 2004

Faiza -- Enemy of Democracy

Faiza belongs to the upper-class in Iraq. During the 1990s the family business aligned itself with the Baathist government. You can go to their business website for photos of various top Baathists officials rubbing elbows with the Jarrars. We even see Dr. Death (Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash) in Panel 10 of this page of photos.

When the looting began to occur, Faiza called all of the looters scum. The majority of the looters, most likely, were Iraqis whose families had suffered under Saddam for 35 years. They tried to get something, anything, back from long decades of tyranny. The Jarrars, with their three Mercedes, comfortable home, maids, Baath-blessed business, then turn around and call the lower-class Iraqis scum.

Would Faiza ever offer these lower-class Iraqis the right to vote? No. Faiza believes that HER class should rule and no one else should have the right to even open their mouths. Faiza is just another voice shouting against freedom and against democracy.

In Iraq's democratic struggle taking place right now, it's very clear among the Iraqi Bloggers who believes in democracy -- ANY type of democracy -- and who doesn't. The Iraqi Divide was there at the beginning and it hasn't changed.

FRIENDS OF DEMOCRACY: Omar, Ali, Mohammed, Zeyad, Sam, Alaa, AYS, Firas, and Sarmad.

ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY: Faiza and Riverbend.

Faiza writes every other day about the GOOD OLD DAYS UNDER SADDAM. Riverbend's contempt for democratic institutions -- actually contempt for anything -- is clear for any casual reader of her blog. For both Faiza and Riverbend, the Doleful Dames of Baghdad, if Saddam were re-instated as president, no one would be happier than them. You might even see them smile.

Isn't it interesting that all the Friends of Democracy have Comments Pages and the Enemies of Democracy DO NOT? Coincidence?


Faiza writes:

America is corrupt! America is immoral! America is ruled by Satan, who employs the Jews to carry out his bidding! If you are still reading this, that means that there is still some hope for your soul.

Oh, sorry. Actually it's Sheikh Usama ibn Akmed. Strange how similar their viewpoints are, isn't it?

I, Sheikh Usama ibn Akhmed, am the president of Wahabbism Now for America. Our organization recognizes the massive moral shortcomings of this immoral culture and attempts to fix it by enforcing the purest form of Islam; this form of Islam, Wahabbism, is the law of the Holy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we will impose it on America and all its inhabitants.

Part of America's sin-filled society is due to the excessive freedoms that are available to women. These freedoms promote immorality and promiscuity and must be restricted immediately so that a return to purity can be achieved.

This struggle has brought together quite of collection of people under the banner Death to Democracy.


UPDATE: Janice (a person living in Australia) on the Comments Pages shouts Bush=Saddam.

Well I know the invasion of Iraq should never have happened. Yes I know Saddam executed and imprisoned people for which he is rightfully condemned. However GWB also executed many people on Death Row so there is no room for him to criticise Saddam there.

The forced equivalence of the mass executions by Saddam numbering at least 300,000 people -- men, women, and children -- and the tediously slow legal process that leads to capital punishment under ANY American president reveals the shallow thinking of people like Janice.


ANOTHER UPDATE: In an email to Reality Check, Faiza dismisses the Iraqi Bloggers who belong to the Friends of Democracy group.

About Faluja .it was funny stories.. About Omer..or Sam or other pro- American bloggers.. They are just young foolish misled guys.. All Iraiqs laughing on them and on their stories..

Omar, Sam, and other Iraqi Friends of Democracy -- according to Faiza, all Iraqis are laughing at you.



Today is the ONE-MONTH BIRTHDAY of Iraqi Bloggers Central. THANKS to all the wonderful, articulate posters who have stopped by to share their thoughts and engage in democracy in action. THANKS to all the Iraqi Bloggers who have stopped by an given me encouragement: Ali, Omar, Mohammed, Sam, AYS, Firas, Raed, Khalid, and Faiza. All the staff at Iraqi Bloggers Central have just raised a glass in your honor. Cheers!!

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