Monday, June 28, 2004


Congratulations and thanks to all the Iraqi Bloggers for all the months of debate central to the future of democracy in Iraq!!

Thanks to Paul Bremer for 14 months of tireless service to the American and Iraqi people. You have my utmost respect and only the enemies of democracy will cast stones at your service.

Today is a wonderful day for me and all my friends in Iraq. Congratulations! Live long and prosper!



Our Man "G" in the West for the first time attends the Glastonbury Festival. (Hat tip: USA Granny)


P.S. I wonder if Riverbend is with the Jarrar family at one of their homes in Amman, Jordan?


Hey, watch it with that meat-cleaver! Someone could get hurt!

River? Was that you?


Well, Raed Jarrar has blogged. Let me be blunt about this: Raed is an ENEMY OF DEMOCRACY.

Paul Bremer faced possible death each and every day for a year and two months. Raed today writes:

some hours later, bremer ran away in a black military plane

Hey, Raed, sorry Dr. Death can't join your Baathist Roundtable in Amman. She's in custody. Too bad, fella.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Connie on the Comments Pages offered a good site for information on the Iraqi Interim Government.

Iraqi Interim Government Leaders

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