Saturday, June 26, 2004

Big Pharaoh Speaks: Iraq Will Succeed

Big Pharaoh, in a blog called The Right Wish from the Right People, addresses the views of Iraq's neighbors to the upcoming transfer of power and the attitudes toward both Iraqis and Coalition forces.

This afternoon I logged on to the CNN website and their major headline read "92 Iraqis killed". After reading the news report, I logged on to Al-Jazerah's website and guess what their major headline was? "3 American soldiers killed". This is what they ONLY care about, to see America fail. In fact, it is not just Al Jazerah, I am beginning to believe that the majority of Arabs/Muslims feel indifferent towards Iraqi deaths as long as the US sinks deeper in their perceived "Iraq quagmire". They don't give a dead rat's ass about Iraqis being killed on a daily basis by suicide bombings and arbitrary shooting. Their passion of "Arab/Muslim brotherhood" only explodes when few Iraqi civilians are accidentally killed by US forces. I am outraged at such hypocrisy and lies.

Iraq will succeed. For the sake of Iraq, Iran, the free world, and the future of this dark miserable region, Iraq must succeed. Don't tell me it cannot be possible. Nothing is impossible. We learned that lesson from Winston Churchill, Anwar Sadat, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush will teach us this lesson one more time. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said that Hitler could be appeased and war avoided. Churchill said no. Arabs said that Egypt cannot have peace with Israel. Sadat said no. John Kerry said that "we cannot fight communism all over the world". Reagan said no. Today, doomsayers are telling us that Iraq will fail. Goerge Bush must continue to say no.

Big Pharaoh also comments of Michael Moore.

After reading some of Michael Moore's comments, I felt relived that we are not the only people with nuts among us. From what I read about his latest documentary film, I discovered that it really resembled a lot of the fake and emotionally hype stories I read in our media and especially in our cheap tabloids.


Zeyad at Healing Iraq responds to the terrorists' attacks.

100 dead and over 300 badly injured. The scenes of bloody bodies of Iraqi policemen are painful and heartrending, and there is absolutely NO justification for this. I swear if someone says there is I would be glad to strangle him with my own hands and drink from his blood. I cannot express the rage I am feeling now in words. I did not blog about it yesterday because I would have said some very nasty things, and I am still struggling to restrain myself now from doing so.


Robin Wright reports in the Washington Post (hat tip: Jim from Indiana):

73 percent of Iraqis polled approved of Allawi to lead the new government, 84 percent approved of President Ghazi Yawar and almost two-thirds backed the new Cabinet. These impressive showings indicate that the new leaders have support spanning ethnic and religious groups, U.S. officials said.

From Amman, Jordan, Raed Jarrar informs us where he stands.

The handover of the small-boring-administrative-responsibilities to some selected groups of Iraq employees (guards, policemen, ministers, president) is not going to change anything on the ground for Iraqis. The real authorities and decision makers aren’t going to leave the fence of the green zone.

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