Sunday, June 06, 2004

April 9, 2003: From Faiza's War Diary

Faiza Jarrar has added more translated pages from her War Diary. First something from Tuesday, April 8, 2003:

It is sad, the way Saddam and those with him are going to end, but I keep thinking back about all the harmful, stupid things he did. He was given a hundred thousand chances to do better, but he kept behaving in a cruel way to the people, he had no compassion to them, never thought of their welfare… only the few he had use of were basking in his favors, living a good life, while most of the people were miserable, crushed, and unjustly treated.
And who says his replacement would be better than he was???
Only the days to come would show us what is now hidden…
And all goes by the will of GOD ALMIGHTY.

This comes from Wednesday, April 9, 2003, the day the statue of Saddam was pulled down in Firdus Square.

3 p.m., the American tanks came, then went into the side streets, then stood on the corner of the market place, the American flag waving, people moving about with their hands raised up, or holding white flags, this is how they heard the instructions…. There was a skirmish between some Ba'ath party members and the American troops, then all went quiet.

The tanks moved around in the area, people got into their houses, but kept watching from windows, or on roof tops, cautiously and fearfully.

We couldn't understand yet what happened??!!!

Where did Saddam Hussein go???

We saw him on T.V. yesterday, people carrying him up, clapping and praising him, like a fool. I think this is the end for him … I remembered the dream I saw before the war.


By evening, we listened to Monte-Carlo radio station announcing that the people gathered in the Al-Firdouse square and pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein.
No body could believe that!!!
What is happening??? How did we get to this end?? Where is the Iraqi army???

Faiza has also added more photographs to her photoblog. They are very good. Thanks, Faiza.

UPDATE: Khalid Jarrar is under heavy fire from the Commando-Professors! Pray for him!

i totally screwd up, it was a horrible exam, the worst ever, it was a disaster, a pain, a headache, toothache, a broken heart, every bad thing you can think of.
very defficult questions, i didnt even know what did he want me to find in each problem!
it was a disaster, totally, completely in everyway you can think of.

But here's the good news.

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unless i failed in any of the exmas, i'll have to take it again in the summer = screw the vecation.
oops, sorry for the word:D

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