Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Twilight Zone: Judge and Executioner

cue: Twilight Zone theme

Rod Serling's voice:

Imagine a large courtroom in a little town in a forgotten, windswept landscape. Late-afternoon sunshine falls through the large windows and dust covers the rows of chairs.

The room is empty save for the judge -- the young man of our story -- an impressionable young man for whom life has been a series of humiliations and defeats. The black robe that he wears is too large and on his face beads of sweat have started to run down his forehead.

In a moment the door to the courtroom will open and the people whom our young man has hated all his life will proceed inside one by one. These people do not know what lies beyond the door. They are about to enter the feverish mind of our protagonist, Raed Jarrar, and they will step, like you tonight, into the Twilight Zone.

cue: Twilight Zone theme


George Bush enters the courtroom and stands in front of the judge.

JUDGE RAED: (mumbling) just tell me ..., just tell me, ... just tell me (gasping now, sweating), how can YOU ... BUSH ... just tell me ... and the rest of your FREAKS ... JUST TELL ME! (pounding the desk with a fist) ... in the axis of LIARS!! LIARS! LIARS! LIARS! (whimpering) be more PATHETIC ... JUST TELL ME! ... JUST TELL ME! (slamming fist on desk, whimpering) Please please please ... for god’s sake ... I mean ... (suddenly angry again) just TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME or I WILL KILL YOU I WILL KILL YOU BUSH I WILL KILL YOU BUSH (sniffling, nose running) YOU! YOU! YOU! JUST TELL ME! ...... I ... SENTENCE ...YOU ... TO ...DEATH! ... EXECUTIONER, TAKE HIM AWAY!!!

The executioner pulls George Bush out of the room and a man that only has the name Kimmitt enters.

JUDGE RAED: (laughing to himself, mumbling) ... he he ... moron frog ... ladies and gentlemen ... moron frog ... he he ... monument ... yeah ... evil ... statue ... (suddenly stops mumbling and looks directly at Kimmitt) MORON FROG!!! You entered history as a piece of shit! You will go out as a piece of shit! You a monument?!! A piece of shit monument! I despise YOU and your FREEDOM ... freedom for YOU, but what about ME? ... I sit here sweating and stinking every night in my bed and what freedom do I have, huh? WHAT FREEDOM? (long pause) .............. I will crush you like a bug ... your life is OVER ... it's all over, Kimmitt ... I'm looking at you and you're DEAD already ... you're already DEAD ... male/female ... bad/good ... evil/nice ... Kimmit, who cares? ... it means NOTHING to you now ... I will watch the blood pour from your neck, habeeebi, ... your life is over ... why? ... because of me, habeeebi, because of ME.

The executioner enters the courtroom again and drags Kimmitt away. The young man's face is covered in sweat. He leans forward and slams his head against the top of the desk. Once. Twice. Three times. Blood shows on his forehead.


Okay, I wrote this last night after I got home from work. I checked out Raed's latest blog, sat and the keyboard, my fingers moved, and this is what came out. Hm. A little strange, I thought. Kind of spooky. I went to bed, woke up this morning, re-read it, and decided to let is stand as my response to Raed's blog.

UPDATE: In deference to Ferdowsi and anishinaboy, I include here a summary of Read's comments on his last blog:

Bush is a MORON.
Chalabi is a MORON.
Jordanians are STUPID.
Kimmitt is a MORON FROG.

Let us now retire to the Comments Pages and debate these claims made by Raed.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Khalid Jarrar, like his brother Majid, is in the middle of exams. Let's wish him and his brother good luck on their tests. Cramming and all-nighters push our resources to the limit. Khalid signs off:

ok, I think I am going to start studying my next exam, wish me luck, and pray for me.
take care of yourselves all of ya!


While Raed and Riverbend gripe about Bush, why don't you read this profile of Hussein Shahristani, a scientist who had been imprisoned by Saddam for ten years, and someone who may be called upon to lead Iraqis until the elections in January. Shahristani on torture:

"At first you think that you can stand it," recalls Shahristani, who weighed about 130 pounds at the time. "But then you start losing your ability to hold yourself up. The pain in your shoulders is unbelievable." Like countless other torture victims in Iraq, Shahristani was then subjected to low-current electric shocks to his genitals. The pain, he says, proved secondary to what he felt in his arms.

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