Friday, May 21, 2004

Long Live the Spirit of CMAR!!!

The Jarrar household and Riverbend refuse to enable comments pages on their weblogs. Without comments pages, they are able to throw out any crackpot theories and febrile observations they want without having anyone challenge them. While it lasted, Cry Me a Riverbend had been the only place where one could go to actually discuss and debate what had been written by the Jarrars and Riverbend.

A new visitor to the Iraqi Bloggers will notice immediately that most of them have comments sections. Here's a list:

Iraq the Model (Omar, Mohammed, and Ali)
Healing Iraq (Zeyad)
Mesopotamian (Alaa)
Iraq at a Glance (Ays)
Hammorabi (Sam)
Road of a Nation (Sarmad)
Iraq & Iraqis (Firas)

These bloggers believe in the importance of debate. They themselves often engage in the discussions on their own comments pages.

The Jarrar family (Faiza, Raed, Khalid, and Majid) and Riverbend, however, do not have comments pages. On more than one occasion, I have urged Raed, in private email correspondence, to enable his comments pages, but he has consistently refused. Khalid enabled his comments pages for a few weeks but grew soon uncomfortable with people talking back at him. To be fair to Khalid, he was the only one of the "Jarrar up a River" bunch to have the least bit of courage to allow public discussion of ideas on his weblog.

Well, the forces of darkness have threatened the life of the man behind Cry Me a Riverbend and he was forced to shut it down. Cry Me a Riverbend existed only because the Jarrars and Riverbend wouldn't allow debate on their weblogs. The day they enable their comments pages is the day that "Jarrars up a River" terminates.

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