Saturday, May 22, 2004

June 30 Sighted on Horizon

Have the winds changed direction in Baghdad?

Faiza today posted one of the most direct blogs she has ever written.

Good morning...
today , I put pictures on the link, it`s about our encient history ruins ...
well, about my last blog, or the coming one...
I`m talking about our life this days..I`m telling the truth..
I`m not anti- American person..
I do like and respect Americans..
but I`m talking against the bad leaders and bad planning..

This is the first time, I believe, that we have heard this kind of language from Faiza. June 30 seems to be sinking in over at the Jarrar household. Bad leaders and bad planning? Well, those are indeed matters of debate. But life is full of surprises. As a teacher, I can tell you that the first time you teach a new lesson plan, mistakes are always made. You take it home, try to correct the problem areas, and then try it out again. Mistakes are part of life. This is true, to my mind, for all areas of endeavor. You just can't predict all the problems. Mistakes have been made in Iraq, but it is my belief that we have been doing a good job. All the progress in Iraq has been underreported and the mistakes have been isolated and highlighted. Why? News reporting is biased -- in its very heart -- toward the dramatic and sensational. Very few people heard about Chief Wiggles' charity work in Iraq, yet everyone has heard of Ms. England.

yes, I love Iraq, and Iraqis...and we all want peace , and want the real chance to rebuild our country, with our hands...
is that bad??
why some of Americans are angry??
what is the wrong??
do you think you are better than Iraqis??
we want to have our chance in life like others...

Faiza and her sons are part of Iraq's future. They will have their prosperity if and only if they are able to establish a representative, democratic government. This is, to be sure, a turning point for all Iraqis. The ITM brothers and the other great Iraqi Bloggers have already seen the possibilities for success in front of them. The Jarrars and River have always focused on the negative and they have had an easy target -- the US. In about a month that won't be possible any more. Today's blog by Faiza is the first time I've seen her look toward a future of rebuilding and hope. "We want to have our chance in life like others," she writes. This is an important first step for Faiza. Ancient history is interesting, but her children will have a chance at prosperity in the future, not the past.


The one person who seems to bring OUR FIVE PADDLERS together is Mr. Chalabi. Riverbend today writes a rather upbeat blog. Why upbeat? She enjoys sticking pins in her favorite puppet:

He sat, looking smug and supercilious, in a grayish suit with a tie that could only be described as "burnt sienna". During the duration of the interview, a silly little smile played on his thin lips and his eyes flashed with a combination of indignation and impatience at the questions.

I always enjoy a good Chalabi interview. His answers to questions are always so completely antagonistic to Iraqi public opinion that the whole thing makes a delightful show- rather like a vicious Chihuahua in the midst of a dozen bulldogs. There were several amusing moments during the interview. He kept waving around his arms and made numerous flourishing movements with his hands to emphasize some key points. A few interesting things I noted about the interview: he was suddenly using the word 'occupation'. During past interviews, he would never use the word 'occupation'. He used to insist on calling the invading army et al. 'coalition' and the whole fiasco was persistently labeled a 'liberation' by him and his cronies.

All right then. It's nice to see Riverbend cheerful this fine Saturday morning.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Khalid today shows us an email from an American in which Pepsi and Coke are indentified as weapons of Imperialist America to manipulate yet another foreign people. Kind of like Homer Simpson and donuts.

On a more serious note, according to Majid writing over at Al-Muajaha, after the second episode of "Bridges to Baghdad" was shown on TV, two members of the Al-Muajaha staff were threatened by what appear to be former Saddam loyalists. I'm not sure, but one of both of the threatened people have had to leave the country for the time being. Let's not forget that Saddamites are still on the prowl and June 30 will be like a dagger in their heart.

ONE MORE UPDATE: It would be a sad day if Raed were deprived of voicing his opinion on current events. Slowly, and with enormous growing pains, I have come to enjoy the madcap meditations, if you will, of the Iraqi Dadaist, Raed. The English language in his hands results in a messy canvas, but there is no doubting his strong ideas. There is the question, however, of the unique and colorful terminology he employs. Let's take a look at today's expressionist rendering of straight news:

did anyone miss what the chocho head of the day do?
gaddafi went to the silly stupid arab summit with a new airplane,
his new airplane had a big new name too :*)
The United States of Africa

so, he just went to Tunisia for half an hour, made his point, and went back to Libya

why dont they commit the first presidents group suicide?
i beg

Eyes scanning the opening line, our pensive, critical reader is confronted with "chocho head." The internal editor immediately shouts, "Stop! Chocho head?" The definition is pending. Keep going. We concur with Raed in his characterization of the Arab League's convocation as a "silly stupid arab summit." Raed is not shy about offering his personal recommendation to the assembled heads of state. "Why dont they commit the first presidents group suicide?" Raed asks. "Pleassssssseeeeeeeeeee. I beg." We like Raed and don't even mind if he admires the latest expressionist motion picture by Michael Mooooooooooooooooore.

CODA: Well, the whole gang has been mentioned today: Faiza, Raed, Khalid, Majid, and Riverbend. I have new respect for Faiza. Keeping track of a whole family and a neighbor is exhausting. Hats off to Faiza! Time for a beer.

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