Friday, May 21, 2004

How long? 41 Days!

Faiza is the Jarrar mother who apparently suffers from the same class of headaches as Riverbend. Recently a man named Ahmad tried to float a new blog written in French about himself in Iraq. He called it Brulure de Bagdad. I checked it out and immediately recognized it as a translation of Riverbend's blog. As poster Michael US pointed out, Brulure de Bagdad appears to be have been created with a commercial English-French text translator. Yesterday this same Ahmad tried to impersonate Faiza. Anyway, this Ahmad must have been sorely taxed with making sure all the numerous expressions of despair were accurate. By the way, Vladimir Nabokov wrote an excellent novel called Despair.

Faiza, like all of us, has good days and bad days. I really liked her blog about learning English with an American instructor. She had a good day. But most days her blogs catalogue the different shades of her pessimism. Today she writes:

These are one-week events and it's a sample of our life since occupation, destruction, murders, explosions, and things like that .Nobody cares about our feelings and our humanity.
We say: "the student has gone , the master has come"
We mean by the student Saddam, while US is the master..
And it's much crueler…
Although Bush pretended to show pity of Iraqis in his media..
It's a tragedy, not a comedy in which the people are killed and the country is being destroyed.
Who is going to stop it, putting an end to such misery??

How long? 41 Days, Faiza. I hope for a prosperous and democratic Iraq for all the Iraqis I have befriended over the last six months. Today the ITM brothers talked about their optimism. Let us all hope that the ITM brothers represent the majority and not the Jarrars.

UPDATE: According to pharmacy-industry trade journals, Advil and Tylenol are now engaged in a bidding war. Both of these industry giants are seeking Faiza and Riverbend to be spokespeople for their products now available in Iraq. Chalabi giving you a headache? Take two Advil, says Faiza Jarrar, and you'll wake up in the morning refreshed!

ANOTHER UPDATE: My first customer was none other than Raed Jarrar Himself! There is something seriously wrong with Raed, but to be honest I kind of like it. We half-like each other. That's the best we can do, but that's enough. Thanks Raed for giving Jarrars up a River your blessing.

BTW, I hope Niki wasn't secretly in the employ of your arch-villain Chalabi! Raed, you could be "in the middle" of a Hollywood thriller and not even know it.

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