Sunday, May 23, 2004

Faiza Would More Likely Vote for Bush than Kerry

Faiza hates Bush but Bush is more religious and, to be sure, more conservative than Kerry. Oddly, then, if one set aside the Iraq War, Faiza would more readily vote for Bush than for John Kerry. If she were an American, Faiza would be side-by-side with her friend Cindy castigating those "liberal friends" who believe in same-sex union. You can see that Faiza is a little conflicted about all of this. I would be too.

All of this became clear to me today when I read the letter from Cindy that she put up on her blog. Faiza does not comment on the contents of the letter. She just says that she considers this woman a friend. Cindy's letter gets to the heart of an American debate between those who see same-sex union as an expansion of legal rights accorded to others and those who see this same union as an abomination and a sign that the very tissue of our society is about to come apart through moral decay.

One oddity in Cindy's letter, as suggested above, is the fact that the people -- the liberals -- who hate Bush are also the same people who see same-sex union as an expansion of rights. Cindy writes:

Here is what I think is strange. The opinions of my
liberal friends are: "Homosexuality is okay. Same sex
marriage is good. Stop telling me about right and
wrong. George W. Bush is evil. He is religious, he's
so stupid. Good Iraqi citizens want us to leave Iraq.
We should leave right now and let the UN handle Iraq!"
And the conservative American's opinion is the
opposite on all of these issues.

This puts Faiza into a difficult situation. She hates Bush but Bush represents more of her values than John Kerry does. To be honest, I am not sure if Faiza has actually seen her predicament yet. I don't know to what extent she is aware of this conundrum. If she were an American, she would most certainly vote for Bush. As an Iraqi, it gets more complicated. The guy whose morals you believe in is being characterized by Al-Jazeera as the leader of the "infidel occupiers."

Interesting, no?

On Thursday, May 20, Faiza herself offered her view on same-sex union. Faiza wrote:

Most of the news on the internet was talking about how Boston allowed same sex marriages, even though most states don't allow it. Who is imposing their tastes on people over there?

Who wants to disturb people's minds so that they no longer know right from wrong?

Who wants to ruin the reputation of Western societies and its principles?

I remembered an article I wrote before some months, I said that there is media that ruins the picture of the West, and distances ourselves from them.

Isn't this the same press that ruins the reputation of Arabs and makes them enemies?

For whose interests do they work?

And where are they taking us?

Surely it takes us towards hatred and distance. It poisons minds, and brainwashes beautiful truths, and replaces them with ugly truths.

Is it the same that promotes unnatural relationships, corruption and same sex marriages?

The channels here are filled with their pictures, and they are celebrating, and kissing like husbands and wives. The pictures embarrases, disgusts and pains conservative families, who change the channel, or turn off the television in anger.

What do adults say to their small children?

These are the relationships of a developed society? Or the relationships of a society that is destroyed, and slipping away?

The war on Iraq divides the street between those who support, and those who are against. And the media wanders about in some distant place, as if it is trying to annoy and degrade humans.

How many homosexuals are there in society?

And why the outcry over their rights and freedoms?

It's only lies to keep people busy from mistakes & disasters that deserve attention, and require solutions. The media is the source of daily poison, broadcasting day and night. They are the ones who picture events as they like. And try to convince people of these ideas.

Thank God we don't live there. The disaster of war and the harshness of life here is easier than living in a society facing this kind of corruption and destruction. My friend from Boston says that she is sad and feels ashamed, because the name of her city is being ruined with these disgusting actions. I remembered that she told me once before that people there on Sundays go to Church, and the roads are closed because of traffic. Most people go to Church, which means that most of them have religion.
God created us from one soul, and He knows everything, all the truth. We are not different, even if religions are different. The prophets are brothers, God is one, and the teachings are one. The agreement over general principles creates the spirit of togetherness, of community. God is with community. But those who want to destroy the spirit of community, and corrupt society - they are the ones who broadcast these unnatural acts and make them attractive for people, to destroy the power of community.

Faiza accuses the media of spreading these harmful ideas that will in the end "destroy the power of community." I have no answers here. It is indeed a serious topic for debate in the United States.

UPDATE: Faiza today added another blog. She discusses a variety of topics and then finishes with this passage:

The communist system lasted for 70 years, it was full of lies, injustice and fact disfiguring…People in Russia have come back to live freely.
And for Iraqis, Saddam regime lasted for 35 years, and finally fell down, forever…
Now we have opened our eyes once again but unfortunately the" Big brother" has come to control our minds and our life…
We are sure that "he" will go away and fall down, sooner or later...
Then we'll smile…
And the God will smile in His highness…
God said in surat fatir "Have they not traveled in the land, and seen what was the end of those before them -though they were superior to them in power? Allah is not such that anything in the heavens or in the earth escapes Him. Verily, he is all-knowing, all-own-impotent."

Faiza and I agree on more than we disagree here. First, I agree with Faiza that communism, at least in its Soviet incarnation, could easily be characterized as "full of lies, injustice and fact disfiguring." She then juxtaposes seventy years of Communist misrule with Saddam's thirty five years. I again agree with the comparison. For those of you who have questioned Faiza about her views on Saddam, this surely seems to suggest that she was against his regime. Tyrants, however, do not "fall down." They have to be PUT down with a boot on the throat. That's messy. That's just reality.

The reference to "Big Brother" is, I imagine, to the Coalition forces in general and the American troops in particular. Well, I have to disagree on this point. I think "J. Orwell" would have been more interested in the recent surge in Al-Jazeera's popularity.

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