Monday, May 31, 2004

"Can You Really Swear at Bush?"

What happens these days when Iraqi colleagues sit down together for lunch in a cafeteria? Ali over at Iraq the Model offers us one particular lunch-table exchange for our education in matters Iraqi.

On the walls of the cafeteria hang photos of Sistani, Mohammed Bakir Al-Hakeem, the elder (and killed by Saddam) Sadr, and the young “firebrand” Muqtada al-Sadr. At one point Ali turns to one of his colleagues and complains to him about the photo of Muqtada al-Sadr staring down at him. Ali asks:

-Now how am I supposed to have my dinner with this person pointing at me!? Do you really think this is a picture that should be put in a cafeteria??

My friend smiled and said,

-Shh, lower your voice! I’m your friend but if some of his followers heard you say that, I really fear for your safety. I told you that they have instructions to kill anyone who talks badly of Sadr.

- I won’t lower my voice. All my life I had to lower my voice whenever I wanted to speak about Saddam. I couldn’t have the joy of at least tearing one of his pictures because of the chaos that followed the liberation. I want to tear this one.

- No, please don’t. This is for your own sake.

- I promise you I won’t touch his fathers face or the old Iraqi flag, although I don’t like it. Besides I have the freedom to say my opinion in anyone.

-Yes, but what about your friends, the Americans, do they allow anyone to curse bush? Didn’t they hit Al-Rasheed hotel because of the picture of Bush the father was painted on the floor of the entrance? Another friend interfered.

-Are you serious!? And for your information many Americans hate Bush, and the Americans -even if they don’t like it- don’t prevent anyone from saying his opinion, and I want to scream in contempt and rejection for any tyrant and this fool is a tyrant project.

-Can you really swear at Bush? I don’t think so. My Shea’at friend said.

-Ok, just to show you that I fear no one and that we are free: S**T ON BUSH, S**T ON SADDAM AND S**T ON YOUR MUQTADA AL-SADR. I screamed as loud as I could.

Meanwhile, Zeyad, our man in Basrah, wrestles with humidity, corruption, bandits, marsh-thieves, talk of democracy and federalism, and once again humidity. Zeyad opens his high dew-point blog casually.

Nothing much has been going on in Basrah, except of course steam
emanating from the ground (I swear) and humidity that is bringing every unfortunate asthmatic in the province to our hospital. There is a shortage of nebulizers though, and physicians have to decide which patients are in most need for them, this of course tends to make other patients a bit aggressive.

UPDATE: Khalid Jarrar also blogged on Sunday, and dares to cross a blogosphere red line by urging his readers to visit Shako-Mako Iraqi News and read a funny piece about his own brother Raed Jarrar titled Twilight Zone: Judge and Executioner.

did you hear about the trial that Raed made for Bush and Kermitt? Go to Jeff's blog and read it, its hilarious.
oh oh wait, should I mention Jeff? Isn't that like a red line or something? That I shouldn't advertise to him? :)
well..I like him anyway...We used to talk a lot a year ago maybe, then we stopped, don't know why:)
he seem to have a lot of time these days, I mean...Making a blog to talk about another blog? Come on! Who reads our blogs at the first place anyway?! :)

I emailed Khalid and told him that I do NOT have extra time and that I should be certified insane for taking on the task of executive editor for a journal of such high caliber as Shako-Mako Iraqi News. Ah, struggle as I may, the smell of newsprint has pulled me in again.

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