Monday, May 24, 2004

Americans Are Blind

Faiza today urges all Americans to open their eyes and accept the fact that we have caused great harm to Iraqis.

there is an old say..
they don`t belive you, cause they don`t WANT to see
and they don`t WANT to hear...
so, how could they believe??
they are such cheating themselves..
someday may be...they have to stop and open their eyes..
and will see and hear every thing..
may be...

To support her argument, she then offers a letter from a reader that includes a story about Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey. Here are the opening two grafs of the article:

The Marine's tale: 'We killed 30 civilians in six weeks. I felt we were
committing genocide'

By Natasha Saulnier

23May 2004 "The Independent" --- During 12 years in the US Marines,
including three years putting new recruits through boot camp, Staff Sergeant
Jimmy Massey hardly questioned his role. But what he saw in Iraq changed

"In a month and a half my platoon and I killed more than 30 civilians," Mr
Massey said. He saw bodies being desecrated and robbed, and wounded
civilians being dumped by the roadside without medical treatment. After he
told his commanding officer that he felt "we were committing genocide", he
was called a "wimp".

Is this just one man's personal experience or is it commonplace all over Iraq? I don't know. You people out there will have to help me with this one. Many of you have more knowledge in this area than I do. Let's hear what you have to say. Right now Faiza believes American soldiers routinely cross the line of combat rules and that the American public refuses to admit these facts. Is she right? Or is she just being inflammatory? Think about it.

Click on Faiza on the sidebar, read the article, and tell me what you think.

UPDATE: Majid Jarrar stopped by the Comments Pages last night to say hello. We might disagree now and then, but he's smart and has some of his brother's verve, which I do indeed enjoy. Anyway, he thinks that the optimistic Iraqi Bloggers -- you know who they are, right? -- are in the minority and the majority of Iraqis are pessimistic and negative just like OUR FIVE PADDLERS. Majid writes:

And if anyone feels the need to talk about something, go and enjoy the please of writing in Iraqi blogs WITH comment section :*)
P.s: you can always wish that the fuckers you like are the majority of Iraq.
But you know what; the JARRARs are the majority... SAD BUT TRUE

C'mon folks. You gotta like them.


Andrew Cockburn gives us the skinny on Chalabi. (Hat tip: Um Ayad)

Last night on the Comments Pages Ed from Dallas showed an unhealthy interest in photographs of Gaddafi's ALL-FEMALE HAREM HOTTIES BODYGUARDS. Cub reporter CMAR II followed the trail and came up with a bunch of great snaps. "Yowsa!" exclaims my cub comrade. "They all look like the backup singers in the 'Simply Irresistible' music video. President Bush has got to do this country a favor and invite Momar up to Crawford for a summit!"

HOUSEKEEPING MATTERS: For any questions about service, I would like you to direct your comments to my executive secretary Bruno -- oh, sorry, post-op, isn't s/he? -- I mean, Brunhilda. She will be available 24/7-365 for any problems that might arise.

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